Single origin, Specialty Indian Coffee. Heritage blend of Plantation-A Peaberry coffee. Tasting notes include chocolate cherry caramel, rich smooth mouthfeel.

BLEND | Heritage | Medium Roast

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Before 'Speciality Coffee’ roasters arrived on the scene, most traditional coffee roasters in India would offer 2 categories of coffee:

  1. ‘Pure Coffee’ which is a blend of Plantation A & Peaberry, and
  2. Coffee with Chicory

Plantation A and Plantation Peaberry are two of the highest qualities of coffee grown in Southern India, and customers who came in to buy freshly ground coffee could modify ratios to suit their tastes for either blend.

Our Heritage Blend is a re-creation of a family recipe that has been passed down over generations. As a third generation coffee roaster, it is only fitting that we add this delicious blend to our offerings. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Tasting Notes:
This is a rich and complex coffee layered with flavor notes of cherry, chocolate and caramel. Full-bodied with medium acidity and a smooth finish, this coffee is quite tasty any way you brew it. Great for espresso as well as filter coffee. 

Coffee Origins:
The coffees in this blend come from two different farms in the state of Karnataka. Plantation-A coffee is from Poobalang Estate and Peaberry is from Kerkeicoondah Estate.

Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India
Altitude: around 4,000 feet / 1,250 meters
Variety: S795, Selection 9
Process: Fully washed, dried in the sun, hand sorted 

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