KAVERI Taster Set

KAVERI Taster Set

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Give the gift of warmth and comfort to any coffee lover in your life!

For those new to Indian or Kaveri coffee, we would love to give you a full introduction to the rich flavors of single-origin coffees.  The Taster Set includes a total of three bags (selected size) of our current offerings:

1. Kerkeikoondah (India)
2. Arabadicool (India)
3. Marcala (Honduras)

The individual coffee is hand-roasted to bring out the inherent bean flavors that reflect their origins and best overall taste in your cup. Click on the links above to get flavor notes, brew guides, and origin details for each coffee. 

Customer Reviews

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Fresh, unique, high quality coffees

This coffee is delicious and each of the coffee varieties has distinct flavor notes. I loved the Seethargundu most, while my roommate favored the Kerkaikoondah one - this set has something to please everyone :)

I brewed these coffees by pour-over, and they were delicious without adding any milk or sugar.

The set also comes with educational cards that speaks about the origins of each coffee and brewing methods for optimal enjoyment. Makes the whole experience so interesting. Makes for a wonderful gift for your coffee enthusiast friends!

Smooth Single Origin Coffee

I discovered Kaveri Coffee at a farmer's market recently. I love the taste and smooth finish. After discovering Kaveri, I bought the taster set which was great because I got to sample all three types. I typically drink my coffee black, using whole beans, a grinder and french press. Many coffee beans are too acidic for me, especially without adding milk and sugar. I had the complete opposite experience with all three types of Kaveri Coffee beans. All three have amazing flavor profiles and I don't need to add milk and sugar. Overall, I'm a super happy customer and delighted to have discovered Kaveri Coffee.

p.s. I will definitely be trying out some of the other brewing methods described in other reviews.

Delicious and vibrant!

I was thrilled to discover Kaveri Coffee at our local farmer's market, and have been drinking all three variations in steady rotation. They're distinctive and vibrant, with lots of lovely notes. What impresses me the most is the way the different blends open up in different ways; during the week, I tend to brew in my coffee maker (so it's ready when I wake up!) but on weekends I do pour-overs in my Chemex and I'm always pleasantly surprised by the different flavors that emerge in the different brewing.

In all, delicious and bright coffee that is loved in our household!

Great as a gift

I like the subtle flavors that you can actually stop, taste and enjoy. Even though I usually only have dark roast coffee, I really like their lighter roast Kerkeikoondah. I like it with a little milk and no sugar.

This set makes for a great gift!

Customer Reviews

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