Storing coffee the right way

best storage tips for keeping coffee fresh

Coffee like any other produce starts to steadily lose its freshness once it is roasted. This is a completely natural phenomenon. Green coffee beans need to be roasted in order to make the inherent flavors more extractable and enjoyable. This process however, also makes the beans unstable. Once roasted the beans become susceptible to the effects of the elements, thereby affecting the shelf life of the coffee.

Keeping coffee as fresh as possible for a couple of weeks is actually very simple.
All you need are two things:
1. An airtight, preferably opaque, container that is completely dry
2. A cool, dark, and dry place away from strong odors
The process - pour the beans or the ground coffee into the container and store it in the coolest/darkest part of your pantry. Yes, it is that simple

This will protect the coffee from the elements, hence preserving the freshness longer. You can also store the coffee in its original packing if it seals well. It is important to remember that ground coffee has a larger surface area than the beans and therefore it will lose freshness much faster.

Read on to better understand the effects of Air, Moisture, Light and Heat (
“the elements”) on coffee.

Oxidation is the number one reason for coffee going stale. While roasting is a required process, it also creates chemical compounds in the bean that have an affinity for oxygen. When oxygen comes in contact with coffee, it not only loses its aroma but it also creates off-flavors such as rancidity.
Solution: Store in a airtight container

Water triggers the brewing process for coffee. Therefore, any exposure to moisture in any form is best avoided. Moisture also taints the oils in the coffee and makes it deteriorate.
Solution: Store in a dry airtight container

Light and Heat 
An increase in temperature will ruin your coffee. The higher the temperature the faster the molecules of coffee move. This increases the rate at which the aromas escape the beans and the rate at which oxygen reacts with the bean. Therefore, warmer temperatures makes coffee go stale faster.

Sunlight too has an adverse effect on coffee. Exposure to sunlight breaks down the bean causing loss of color and flavor.
Solution: Store in a cool dark place. 

[Side note: Coffee beans can be kept fresh longer if stored in the freezer, in individual brew-sized portions and an airtight container. The same does not apply for ground coffee.]

Strong Odors

Coffee is porous and this means that it will quickly absorb the aromas from things around it and no one enjoys a cup of coffee that smells like something else!
Solution: Store in an area away from strong smelling pantry items.

In summary, storing your coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place will keep your coffee fresh and tasting good every time you brew. One of the biggest advantages of ordering coffee from Kaveri Coffee is that we roast often and deliver directly to you. This way you can order the right amount of whole beans or ground coffee for your needs and not worry about storing large amounts of coffee for long periods of time.

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  • Abbie

    How many days after roasting is the best for brewing? I have heard it’s good to wait a week? Thank you.

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