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Discover the Beauty of our

Single Estate Coffee

We are proud to showcase the rich aromas and intricate flavors of the finest quality Indian coffees, hand crafted with an emphasis on traceability. Choose a one-time purchase to find your preference or Subscribe and Save to automate your favorite coffee delivery.

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Indian Coffee Traditions

Shade Grown

All coffee in India is grown in two tiers of shade, fostering an ecosystem of flora and fauna that enriches the soil and the beans.

Hand Picked

The coffee beans are hand picked and sorted without the use of machinery, ensuring the beans are picked at the peak of flavor.

Sun Dried

The sorted and pulped coffee beans are then dried on patios lined with brick, stone, or concrete, enhancing the flavor in the beans.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Loving this Indian origin coffee

Really loving the Kerkeicoondah. This is our 6th or 7th pound of your coffee, and they are very consistent and very good. The flavors are complex but familiar, too. We didn't know at all what to expect from Indian coffee, but every cup of Kaveri so far has compared very well with the best Central and South American coffees that we normally love. It's also pretty great seeing on IG when the roast dates are and being able to get coffee that we know has just been roasted, rather than guessing on what's available at the grocery store.

John on Sep 03, 2020 for KERKEICOONDAH ESTATE

Incredibly delectable

I had a chance to try out a bag of this coffee and although I have other coffee in my house I kept reaching for THIS bag b/c it's ssoooo good! Smells heavenly, taste is amazing - I'm a "coffee snob" and can say w/ conviction this coffee is remarkable. I'm going to buy the other bags and get ready to buy more later as great gifts for my coffee loving friends!

Dr. Nina on Mar 17, 2020 for ARABIDACOOL ESTATE

Tasty, bold brew

Having never had coffee sourced from India I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ground whole beans and brewed them in a French press, and got a earthy, bold cup of coffee that was perfect with Saturday brunch.

My husband and I were also impressed with the quality packaging - it was easy to open, thoroughly re-sealed, and was overall very sturdy.

Brenna M on Mar 07, 2020 for SEETHARGUNDU ESTATE

Fresh, unique, high quality coffees

This coffee is delicious and each of the coffee varieties has distinct flavor notes. I brewed these coffees by pour-over, and they were delicious without adding any milk or sugar. The set also comes with educational cards that speaks about the origins of each coffee and brewing methods for optimal enjoyment. Makes the whole experience so interesting. Makes for a wonderful gift for your coffee enthusiast friends!

Shilpa on Feb 2020, for KAVERI Taster Set

A perfect gift!!

This coffee+chocolate package was absolutely PERFECT for holiday presents!!! The coffee was delicious and paired perfectly with the chocolate, and the package/presentation was lovely, as well! Definitely going to keep this in mind for future gift ideas for specialty coffee lovers.

Susie K. on Dec 22, 2020 for Coffee meets Chocolate Gift

Comfy coffee mug

I got the coffee hug in a mug set and absolutely love it. The mug is very comfortable and well-suited for a good hot cup of coffee. It helps that it is microwave and dishwasher safe. Will order again!!!

Hemanth on Jan 5, 2021 for Coffee Hug in a Mug Gift Set

A note from our founder:

Kaveri Coffee Works is the third generation version of the original India Coffee Works founded in 1941 by my grandfather (Venkat Rao) in Bangalore, India. My father (Mohan Rao) followed suit and ran the business for well over 50 years. It is my great privilege to continue their coffee legacy and family tradition here in the U.S. 

We are proud to share with you our heritage - high-quality coffee sourced from the highlands of South India and delicately roasted in Berkeley, CA. I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do! 

- Tanya Rao (Owner & Roaster)