People and Planet First

Kaveri Coffee products are made with love and intention. Our name and logo reflects our love of nature and our intention to promote environmental sustainability and conscious consumerism. We make sustainable choices where possible and continue to seek, inform and evolve as a more environmentally conscious company. 


We source our green coffee from local coffee importers that share our sustainable business philosophy. They have direct farm relationships and ensure fair price for high quality coffee beans. We rely on their expertise for import/export logistics and honor their long standing relationships with the coffee growers and local knowledge. This reduces our own environmental impact associated with travel to origin countries each year.

We choose farms that follow sustainable agricultural practices whenever possible, but do not require our coffee to be USDA Organic or Fair Trade certified. For a coffee to be certified organic by the USDA, strict regulations have to be followed at all levels of production. Over 90% of the farms in India are small, family-owned farms that often do not have the financial resources for acquiring such certifications.  However, all coffee farming in India follow the traditional method of growing coffee in two-tiers of mixed shade, fertilizing soil with cattle manure, composting, manual weeding, and other agroforestry practices. Each of our coffee page lists the certifications and farming practices of the coffee growers for full transparency. 


There are four elements that affect the freshness and taste of roasted coffee: direct sunlight, oxygen, moisture and heat.
Coffee bags, thus, have multiple layers of protection for moisture and sunlight, and a one-way degassing valve that keeps oxygen out while releasing CO2 (by-product of the roasting process). Most standard coffee bags are made of metalized or pure aluminum (foil) barrier as a 3-ply laminate. While this works great for freshness, the materials are not environment friendly. 

biodegradable home compostable coffee bags eco-friendly sustainable packaging

We are proud of our completely plastic-free packaging solution that include: 

  • Bag and de-gassing valve made out of food-safe, 100% biodegradable and home compostable film and kraft paper
  • Labels made out of natural sugarcane and are certified compostable including the adhesive
  • Compostable mailers made from corn starch and a man-made binding agent for flexibility
  • Corrugated boxes made from recycled and post-consumer cardboard

Our packaging can take anywhere from 3-6 months to fully decompose in a Home compost bin, and can be sent to a Commercial compost facility as well.

We kindly ask you to reuse, recycle and compost all parts of our packaging responsibly. Thank you for helping us reduce waste!


We are a member of the 1% for the Planet organization, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through membership, donations and actions. We have pledged to contribute a minimum of 1% of our annual revenue to assist nonprofit organizations that protect land, forests, rivers, oceans and also encourage sustainable methods of energy production. With every bag of coffee or gifts that you purchase from us, you will be giving back and helping protect our beautiful planet.

We are passionate about delivering freshly roasted coffee to your door. This often means our coffee packages have to travel many miles to get to you. We’ve taken several steps to reduce our carbon footprint in our delivery and shipping options. 

  • We offer free local delivery in the East Bay by foot, electric vehicle or pickup at a multiple coffee shops. 
  • For our nationwide shipping, we partner with Sendle who offset carbon emissions through investments in climate programs and, thus, offer carbon neutral shipping solutions. 
  • Lastly, we minimize waste by packing “lean” and using compostable, recyclable, and post-recyclable shipping materials whenever possible.
One percent for the planet organization member Sendle carbon neutral shipping solution