Whole beans or ground coffee - what is the better choice?

Whole beans or ground coffee - what is the better choice?

When it comes to your cup of coffee you should ask yourself two questions - what do I like, and what is convenient for me? The best coffee for you is the one that answers both these questions.

A cup of coffee used to be a simple joy. Over the years however, a lot has been said about how one should buy their coffee, grind it, and brew it at home. While all of this is great information, your everyday cup really has a couple of clear objectives - to bring you joy, wake you up, to give you a moment to breathe, etc. The bottom line is that a cup of coffee is personal and therefore the buying decision should boil down to convenience and quality. Buy and brew your coffee the way YOU like it.

Coffee in any form will go stale if stored for long periods of time. Whether it is best to buy whole beans or ground coffee will depend on a few factors. We’ll talk about that below. We hope you find clarity on what is best for you at the end of this piece.

Let’s begin with how often you drink coffee
If you consume a bag of coffee within a week or two, then buying pre-ground coffee is for you. On the other hand, if it takes you longer to consume your stock (maybe you have a variety of coffee on hand), then whole beans is a better option.

Ground coffee loses flavor a lot faster than whole beans. In both cases, good storage practice will extend the shelf life and preserve flavors for longer.

Convenience or Connoisseur
For some of us, coffee is our ‘cup of Joe’, and for some it is an art form - the art of grinding the beans, and brewing them just right, to savor that perfect cup of coffee. And then, there are those of us who are a bit of both.

Irrespective of your personality, the rate of your consumption and your brewing method/s should be the deciding factor when you are choosing between whole beans or ground coffee.

Grind and gadget - the match must be perfect
There is one universal truth that all coffee drinkers will subscribe to irrespective of how they buy and brew their coffee. There is no bigger faux pas than a grind and a gadget that are not made for each other. Simply put, an unmatched grind and gadget = a cup of coffee that is best avoided.

If you choose to buy whole beans, invest in a good burr grinder and maintain it well for a consistent grind. Most coffee shops and grocery stores these days offer the option to custom grind your beans when you buy them. This coffee will be fresher than buying a bag of pre-ground coffee off the grocery store shelf. 

Here’s a simple guide to find the best grind match for your brew method:

coffee grind guide match grind size to brew method

Note: Every grinder is different and you might have to experiment/adjust to find the right setting that's best for you.

Get the best of both worlds with us
Whether you choose whole beans or ground coffee, buying freshly roasted coffee will give you the best flavors. At Kaveri Coffee, we bypass the grocery store and ship coffee directly to you, as close to the roast date as possible. We offer you:

  • Whole beans - for longer freshness, versatile brew methods, custom grinding and brewing preference.
  • Ground coffee - for convenience without sacrificing quality, uniform grind minus the additional gadgets and maintenance. Custom grind size can be accommodated upon request.

Getting your caffeine fix has never been so simple!

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