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BLEND | Chicory Coffee | Medium-Dark Roast

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What is Chicory Coffee?
The chicory plant is a flowering perennial that belongs to the dandelion family. The root of this plant is 2 to 4 inches thick, and when given a treatment similar to that of coffee beans, (drying, roasting and grinding) can be brewed into a drink with nutty and earthy flavors. Introduced during wartimes as a substitute or additive when coffee rations were limited, Chicory Coffee became a popular beverage and continues to be a favorite choice in many cultures. Read our blog about how chicory coffee gained popularity.  

Taste Like: 
When roasted chicory root is mixed with coffee it gives the resulting brew a complex depth of flavors, richer body, and creamier mouthfeel. Our blend is a mix of our medium-dark Badnekhan Estate coffee and high-quality, roasted French chicory root in an 80:20 coffee to chicory ratio. It has rich chocolate and earthy flavor notes with a well-rounded body and mild acidity. Chicory Coffee can be brewed just like regular coffee and is best enjoyed with milk and a touch of sugar. 

Recommended Brew Methods: 
South Indian Filter (Grind = Fine)
Mokapot or Stovetop Espresso (Grind = Fine)
Automatic Drip or Pourover (Grind = Medium)
Cold Brew (Grind = Coarse)

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